Recruiting Strategies to Attract and Recruit Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

Provide Ready Access to the Language for Self-Identification

Self-Identification is a challenge, understandably, because of pride. It is also a challenge because, as I understand it, it must be able to conform to a set of standards in order to make the person with disabilities eligible to apply under the conditions stated in Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)


(The source I'm looking at right now is:


Here's the section I'm looking at:

" Incorporation of the EO Clause: The regulations require that specific language be used when incorporating the equal opportunity clause into a subcontract by reference. The mandated language, though brief, alerts subcontractors to their responsibilities as Federal contractors. "


As there is a hardship in obtaining the correct "wording" of the documentation for self-identification, then we can help clear some of the roadblocks by providing links to the wording that is required, possibly including even -- dare I say it -- accessible pdfs and/or word documents!


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