Recruiting Strategies to Attract and Recruit Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

Create very targeted, as opposed to broad, job descriptions

To the point, "What creative strategies do you think companies can use to source qualified candidates with disabilities? ", one possibility is to simply target skills on an extremely narrow basis to agencies that work with those with disabilities, rather than as a broad job description, as is generally done everywhere. I found that those with disabilities very often shine well above and beyond others, because they have to compensate so much -- but that these areas of expertise are very deep and narrow, rather than broad.


By targeting VERY narrow skills that align with the technology that can actually work hand in hand with the particular disability, you're opening a real door to those who can do a few things extremely well, and usually, better than most people, but often can't do all the associated tasks of a broad-based, simply because the nature of their disabilities preclude it.


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