Recruiting Strategies to Attract and Recruit Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

Create a Matrix For Employers for Equipment Already On Hand

Create a Matrix that Employers can use to match the "kinds" of accessibility equipment that would particularly match the office equipment and/or software they already have in place, or already to have contracts to use. This matrix would contain equipment matches to accessibility equipment, such as: Microsoft Products with IE 11: JAWS 14, JAWS 15, JAWS 16


Employers probably don't know which kinds of accessibility equipment work best with the office environment they already have. So possibly, some encouraging wording could be incorporated to show that the employer is trying to work with those with disabilities (even the effort speaks volumes) and would present a more targeted view to those with disabilities as how well they may be able to fit into the office.


The biggest problem would be not to rule anyone out. Almost all the users of accessibility equipment I know just want a chance, they figure it out no matter what equipment they have, and will make it work no matter what. Please don't view it as a restriction in any way shape or form. However, I think if an employer had a matrix matching office equipment to accessibility equipment, they may be able to say such things as....


"...We absolutely welcome those with disabilities in our office. We use Microsoft Products, especially suited for JAWS, but accessible by all common accessibility equipment. Our IT department can set up the free version of Window Eyes upon request....."


Something like that, something "concrete" to make a connection between those with disabilities and those in administration who are trying to connect to them.


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