Recruiting Strategies to Attract and Recruit Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

Being Proactive, Developing a Talent Pipeline

As we know, there is a shortage of workers in the STEM occupations and Skilled Trades. Out of desperation, businesses with these occupations are looking for other sources for talent. The changes to Section 503 in 2014 have been monumental for VR to get a foot in the door with these types of businesses. Section 503 is now complimented with WIOA requiring VR to outreach with youth and provide them work based learning. 503 and WIOA along with the workforce shortage in the STEM and Skilled Trades, have given VR a great opportunity to build strong long lasting partnerships with businesses by guiding them in developing a talent pipeline with paid work based learning experiences, job shadows and apprenticeships. These partnerships are a win for everyone; VR is learning what businesses need and can more effectively provide vocational guidance to our customers with disabilities towards good paying careers and VR is providing businesses with qualified talent and solutions to their workforce needs.


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